Do you feel that you need more power and inspiration? Do you seek personal development? Could you move on and live your life with a sustainable change?

South Style offers SER therapy, couples therapy, courses, meditations, body treatments, lectures, dance, singing and other creative expressions. Everything to do with focus on the human beings inner life, as man is a whole body, needs, thoughts, feelings and soul!


I work with children, adolescents and adults alike.


Does your company want an inspirational lecture or a course leader for development?


Have a look around the page and read more about what’s right for you …


You are very welcome!


Sabina Söder


”Behandla alltid andra så som du själv vill bli behandlad”

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Jag tar emot klienter igen och jag kommer hålla en kurs hos Ewa Olsson i Staffanstorp 24-25 mars. Nya saker uppdateras efterhand.

Välkommen 2018!