Guided Tours of Your Inner

This has a purpose and some control compared to regression therapy. The inner trips can be about seeing your inner child, your subpersonalities, how to take care of your needs, your body, meet and experience your feelings and orchestrations, to find inner peace, power, motivation, etc.

Talk Therapy

Here you get to talk about everything between heaven and earth that affects you. But you cannot always solve your problems by just talking, sometimes you have to use other tools. The combination of conversations and other tools to find the root cause and get in better contact with your body’s needs and feelings will be a great combination. Conversations are, however, the root of the therapy. I combine both the tools of SER therapy along with other therapeutic tools and expressions in out meeting. Everything based on what you need to get an understanding of why you are where you are, and how it can be better. Whatever methods we use, your feelings and your body will always be part of the conversation.

Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a method of meeting or seeing the root cause of why you have different reactions (feelings, thoughts and behaviors). The treatment clarifies the patterns you have, and tries to find explanations and understanding of why you react like you do in your life and by understanding your sense of origin, the pattern can be resolved. The therapist controls as little as possible for the client’s own pictures to surface.

The important thing is not if you end up in childhood, symbolic life, past lives or in the subconscious symbol and fantasy world, the most important thing is to feel better and become aware of the cause of the problem. Under deep relaxation and guidance, you will experience the past events that prevent you from living your life fully. Many of the answers we seek that relate to our life situation and our relationships are within us.


Do you want to learn how to meditate by yourself or in group? Perhaps you want to experience a guided meditation for relaxation, for healing or for spiritual growth? Meditation helps us to attach to the present and step into a higher conscious state. It is a great opportunity to relax and rest in the present. We fill up with positive power and energy and strengthen the trust of our intuition. During meditation, we are in touch with ourselves, which benefits both spirit, body and soul. We increase our ability to handle everyday situations and meetings with other people in a more positive way, we learn not to lose ourselves in the lower dimension and limitations of the ego.

Meditating out in the woods, on a mountain or at sea, is life-giving for both body and soul.
But just breathing, closing your eyes and leaving your stress behind for a few minutes to is valuable.
Meditation does not have to be in a certain way. However, it can be easier to experience and see your inner images under a guided meditation, where you relax following a voice that guides you through all meditation. The purpose of meditation is to achieve inner harmony and balance.

EFB - Energy Flow Breathing

Created in 1984 by physiologist, psychotherapist Bertil Gyllensten and therapist Nenne Holm, as a psychotherapeutic body therapy. EFB is a combination of deep breathing, stress positions (bioenergetics therapy) and mindfulness. EFB passes our conscious self and opens up the body’s natural wisdom and needs. The method solves stress, trauma and tension in the body. It can help with physical, mental and emotional problems. It can also improve the condition of chronic diseases, which are sometimes exacerbated by stress.

Image-Dream and Symbol Therapy

This means that we work with awareness and look at unconscious processes. In the symbol language you get in touch with the feelings. Symbol images help to express the unspoken when the words are insufficient, and to integrate the lost words.

Dance and Zumba

Free the body, sweat out the old and bring in new energy. I use dance and movement during your healing process in the therapy process if necessary. I also hold pure dance classes like jazz, street, show and ballet as well as Zumba classes. Exercise and combined with good diet and sleep goes a long way. Keep an eye out for upcoming dance workshops, courses and dance meditations.

South Stretch

Is a self-composed program with elements of meditation, relaxation, stretching and yoga.
Pleasant and life-giving!

Lymph Draining Massage.

A soft, comfortable and relaxing treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system. Because the massage is so easy and painless it suits everyone. The lymph system both delivers nutrients to the cells and transports excess water, bacteria, viruses and cellular waste. It’s a pleasant body treatment that makes you calm and relaxed. At the same time, you feel cleaner, lighter and less stressed.   You can of course book a time for massage only, but the treatment is also a good complement to the therapy to help solve body feelings.

Medical Aromatherapy - Raindrop

Rain Drop Technology, Rain Drop Massage, Rain Drop Treatment or Raindrop Technique. A dear child has many names. It is a wonderful form of medical aromatherapy. It is very effective against back and neck problems, through the power of the treatment done with therapeutic essential oils. The treatment is initially developed for the treatment of scoliosis and other back pains.
But it turned out to have a good effect on many other issues too.

By properly injecting essential oils that are antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, you can help the body to correct spinal displacements. The essential oils also have a strengthening effect on the immune system and affect the sensation center in the brain directly through the olfactory system. Thus, raindrop technology is also a very beneficial treatment for remedying worry and stress and achieving emotional healing. The oils are ecologically and carefully prepared to preserve the natural ingredients of the plants.