A listening ear and a complete presence in the room is what happens here.  This is your time, your own moment, to talk about everything between heaven and earth that affects your life. During the conversation, we will use various tools that will help you understand and see the patterns in your life. The various tools can consist of symbol therapy, dream therapy, image therapy, meditations, regressions and EFB breathing.

"You will be able to face the root cause and get better contact with your body's needs and feelings"

Why Go to Therapy?

When things happen in your life that you cannot sort out yourself, talking to a therapist might be helpful. When you go to therapy, you will be helped to find the reason for your bad patterns and you will experience the feelings you probably have suppressed for a long time. A process that can take a long time to handle by yourself can be much quicker with the help of a therapist in a much shorter time. Self-confidence is about what you do - and that you are trusting in your own capacity. Self-esteem is about who you are - the reputation you carry with you, inside yourself.

Why Treat with Different Methods?

We need to start by meeting you exactly where you are today. Each individual needs different methods to work with, that suits your and your needs. Sometimes we need to talk more about childhood, different kinds of trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, phobias and stress. After that we enter more into your internal and possible psychosomatic tension, pains and muscle tension in the body. With the help of both mental and physical treatment, you usually get a better result and get an insight into how everything is connected.

How Do SER Therapists Work?

Understanding what is happening in your life, the perception of emotions (e.g. mourning, anger, etc.) and what you can do to change your life is an important part of the therapy. Sometimes we use other tools than conversation to progress, such as visualization, breathing and image therapy, based on the client's needs. Contact with the body, presence in the present and your feelings are central to all the therapies we work with. The therapist works under confidentiality.

Why Do We Feel Mentally Bad and Have Problems?

When a problem arises or when we go through a difficult experience, we tend to avoid the unpleasant feelings that the situation causes. We try to avoid what has hurt us and create different protection/defense mechanisms against the pain, which may cause various tensions in the body. These block the energy, blood and lymph flow which in turn affect the nervous system, hormone system, immune system, etc. We become both physically and mentally ill. These different blockages begin in childhood and lead to "living" more and more in their intellectual sphere and getting in worse contact with your body. We teach you to meet your thoughts, feelings and body instead of avoiding them.