South Style Event

Delivers a completely finished concept from scratch with script ideas, music background, choreography, scenography and costumes. “A complete performance” simply put. We also create the concept you want as a customer – we create it together to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Is the big picture of the show important?

For SOUTH STYLE EVENT, the big picture is hugely important! From timing, focus, technique, costume, scenography, to everything artistic. When you are watching a show, performance, concert or are attending an event. What makes you as a member of the audience think that something is really good?
How do we, as creators, produce effects, feelings, good artistry, light and sound, that gives you that “WOW feeling” or whatever you want to achieve when the audience is in place? Through considering every aspect, a teamwork with everyone involved. It’s a gift to create and we manage it well. We deliver a show that affects, presenting a positive memory to take home with you – an evening full of experiences in its entirety.

The company has many years of experience in running dinner shows at restaurants, both in Sweden as abroad. So if your place is looking for a show that takes care of the whole concept, just make a call or send an email to to book a meeting about your idea.

SOUTH STYLE EVENT “Sabina Söder” can also be rented solely as a choreographer for your arrangements, such as theater/musical performances, music videos, restaurant shows, fashion shows, dance performances, etc.

We have a wide repertoire to choose from

You as a customer can choose between numbers from the 1920s Cabaret, Burlesque, Broadway, 50-60’s goodies, in both Swedish and English. Motown, 70’s disco, 80’s pop, wonderful 90’s one hit wonders or hits from the Eurodisco era. Songs from Roxette, U2, Queen. Powerful ballads to Unplugged Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones to Lady Gaga and much more… As you can see we have a lot to choose from for your event, and more is added all the time.

Want a theme at your corporate party / event?

We create a show/concept that has different themes.
We also collaborate with magicians and stand-up comedians so there are many possibilities.
Send an email, and we’ll start there!