Creative School / Workshop

To sow a creative seed and work creatively with student groups in schools or in a project is something Sabina is working more and more with. Are you interested in joining Sabina at your school for a workshop or lecture? Start a creative project in collaboration with SOUTH STYLE?

There are no restrictions – just opportunities! Everything depends on your approach and your faith in others. Sabina inspires everyone in the group with both her psychological knowledge, her artistry, dance education and personal development. Sabina is humble and thankful for all the kind words said by the young students and adult classmates. “She is a great project leader and has modern way to strengthen creativity and self-esteem”

New projects underway in 2018 …

Dance Teacher

Sabina has completed vocational education and training in dance, song and theater at, among others, the Music Theater School, Dancefactory Performing Arts, Culture Framework and the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She has a lot of experience in the teaching profession as she completed the choreography and artistic education in -94.


She has taught dance at many schools including Arnberg’s Malmö, Apelrydskolan in Båstad, Farm in Ängelholm, Höganäs School of Education, Eslöv Cultural School, Active Youth Dance Factory in Ängelholm, and ran her own dance school Showfactory’s dance school, Musikteater School in Bjärnum, Nicolaiskolan et al.


Her passion for dance began at the age of 12 when she attended dance at Sockerbrukskolan in her hometown of Ängelholm. After that, she attended dance classes at the UNF (called Aktiv Ungdom today) group and she has many fun memories from that age. Dancing in different styles more or less every night, dance classes, shows and wonderful moments with the “Lifedance” group became a big part of Sabina’s young years. After that she enrolled in the Music Theater School in Bjärnum, moved to Stockholm for further studies, and her dance and artistic life began at full speed.


Sabina teaches Jazz, Show, Street/Jazz, Modern Jazz, Ballet and Zumba.


If you would like to book Sabina as a guest teacher for workshops, as a project manager for children and youth, kick-offs, bridal showers or bachelor parties, you are welcome to contact me at