Choreographer / Producer / Artistic leader / Artist / Dance teacher / Lecturer and Therapist. The list of what Sabina has achieved is long. Her artistic leadership started in Turkey at the age of 20. Before that, she had worked in Lanzarote and Croatia as an artist. A young, creative and brave Sabina worked as entertainment manager for a total of 6 years in Turkey. That is where she laid the foundation of how and why Sabina works the way she does with her artists and productions. Sabina describes it as “one of the best lessons in creative leadership,”. Many of the country’s most luxurious hotels, has had a share of her productions. The ensembles consisted of about 40 dancers/entertainers from all over the world, and Sabina expresses the most humbling thank you for the experience she acquired there, which made her move on here at home and in other parts of the world with her success.

After Sabina moved back to Sweden again, she has choreographed and produced for TUI, Fredriksdal Theater, Helsingborg City Theater, Estrad Showgroup, Garbos Dinnershow Gran Canaria, Skövde City Theater, Nöjesteatern in Malmö, The Tivoli, Ronneby Brunn, Hotel Tylösand, Nattkatten, Xperience – The Dinner Show, Glasklart and with standalone show groups, fashion shows, youth shows, etc.

Sabina’s knowledge is broad – she has a perspective for the whole and the process is important to make the goal sustainable and alive. Sabina is passionate about human development and the message of the show. She has helped many to find their own expression with her artistic work with dancers, artists and actors.