About me

How do I work?

With my presence and responsiveness, I help you find the root cause why you are able to fully live your life right now. I meet you in your process, for you to dare to meet your inner self and make long-term changes. Together we work for you to “find home” and to come back to your true self. When I lead groups, my energy, humility and presence are important for the participants’ learning and well-being. To spread inspiration with a joyful calm to everyone in the room is my intention.


  • Diplomatic Regression Therapist at the Academy for SER-Therapy
  • Talk therapy and EFB, diplomatic SER therapist
  • Various courses in different meditation techniques, personal and spiritual development
  • Dance teacher / artist training and Zumba instructor
  • Body Therapist - Lymph drainage massage, fibro massage and massage for pregnant women - Gothenburg Massage School
  • Rain Drop Massage - Gothenburg Massage School
  • Courses / workshops in Esoteric Astrology

Sabina Söder

I live in beautiful Skåne surrounded creativity and love all around me.


I am blessed to be able to receive inspiration, sow small seeds in other people’s life’s and follow their developmental processes, I am extremely grateful and happy. It’s an honor! I work with personal development, health retreats, individual therapy and lectures. I have a long experience as a dance teacher where I taught children, adolescents and adults alike. I also work as Artistic Director, Choreographer, Artist and Actress. Song, dance, music and theater are so alive and liberating for the body. To me every day is a gift, a new chance for development. Your days will be filled with life, we begin to better understand each other, and our approach to other people and situations becomes gentler if we choose to truly SEE ourselves, to SEE the persons next to us, and take the challenges along the way to find out who we are actually meant to be.


I have always been interested in psychology, human behavior, body, emotions, personal chemistry, energies, spirituality and human purpose here on earth.


I see life as part of the whole and here on earth there is a single long school. The goal is to be present at all times and to be able to accept without valuing. Not as always as easy in practice – but with exercise and a big portion of will everything is possible.

“Nothing is impossible”


With my dance background and body awareness as well as all mental training that I myself have gone through. Am I convinced that the mental and physical are connected. Feelings attach to the body and sometimes we need help in adjusting and understanding if something is stuck inside us.


Song, dance, music and theater mixed with the inner symbolic world, psychology and spirituality are the same as finding home for me. So together with you we pick up the tools needed for YOU to be able to develop and work with the needs that are available. Balance in body and soul makes us feel well!


It’s never too late for change – everything’s got its time!